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Class B

As seen this week in a TroopTrack email sent out by Tropp 165’s SPL said that all scouts must wear Class B attire to the next 3 troop meeting.

Summer Camp 2017

This past week Troop 165 attended Camp Friedlander in Loveland, Ohio, which is located in Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren counties in the southwestern part of Ohio. Camp Friedlander offers many activities for scouts to do. The primary activity is merit badge classes, merit badges are earned which replicate life skill scouts will use in the future. Some of the classes include Swimming, Lifesaving, Emergency Preparedness, and First Aid. For Scouts attending camp for the first time, there is Trailblazer, which is a program that helps the younger scouts rank up. They also offer

Project COPE – Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience
ACE – Advanced Camper Experience
Ohio Hunter Safety Education

for more information check the 2017 guide to summer camp on the Summer Camp page of this site.

What to bring to Summer Camp

To find out what to bring to Summer Camp this year go to the Summer Camp section of the Website, scroll all the way to the bottom and there should be a link bringing you to a PDF of the supply list for summer camp.

What to NOT bring to Summer Camp

Yes, Summer camp is finally here rejoice. With all the fun things going on at camp it does come with some rules. These are probably going to be reviewed at our meeting this Monday, but I want to emphasize what NOT to bring to Summer Camp.

Sheath Knives                Fireworks

Firearms                         Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products

Aerosol cans ( Axe body spray)             Live bait ( Camp will have some to offer )

The lists for what to bring will be distributed at our next meeting 6/12




Meeting 6/5

This meeting included many boys receiving there Totin’ Chip, which allows the Scout to carry a pocket-knife in the rules of the BSA organization.


Be Prepared … the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise. Robert Baden-Powell

This week’s Monday held the Spring Court of Honor. There where many scouts who were awarded many awards since last Court of Honor which are listed below.

Firem’n Chit

Kavanaugh F.          Andrew C.         Evan R.

Nathaniel B.            Ethan W.

Luke M.                   Gavin W.

Avery P.                  Owen R.

Totin’ Chip

Joseph E.             Gage K.

Merit Badges

Jake S.; Cooking

Rank Advancements

Daniel B.      Star

Ian F.            Life

Kavanaugh F.   Tenderfoot

Sean K.        Life

Joseph         Scout

Gage K.       Scout


Summer Camp Paperwork

Any Boy Scout who is attending Summer Camp. In some of the merit badge classes the camp has to offer there is some work that might need to be completed beforehand. For example I am taking the Environmental Science class which requires me to do question 3E and 3C3 before camp. I suggest to any Scout to check if any of your classes require work beforehand.

Summer Camp Paperwork

Any Boy Scout who is attending the 2017 summer camp. Next weeks meeting, May 22nd, the second half of the fees, 140 dollars, will be due in order to attend. Also the health forms must be returned no later  than the day troop 165 leaves for summer camp.

Meeting 5/15

Tonight troop 165 had a special guest. His name is Dr. Kapetansky. Dr. Kapentasky came tonight and last week’s meeting to teach us about first aid. He mainly focused on how to help ‘hurry’ cases if any of use find ourselves in one of those situations. Troop 165 would like to thank Dr.Kapetansky for giving up his time to come and teach us.

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© 2018 Troop 165 – Lancaster, OH - Boy Scouts of America